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My collection of quick notes, how-tos, reference material, and guides on practical subjects. Notes are living documents subject to changes over time 🌱


Getting startedImages are the blueprint to instantiate containers that are built, run, and distributed by the Docker Daemon, which used via a Docker Client and pull images from a registry such as Docker Hub Basic commands#runs a container (downloads image if n…▷ read more

Chaos Engineering

IntroductionMain objectives: Part of overall Resilience approachSurface evidence of weaknesses before crisis and outagesMake everyone responsible for code in productionImprove availability, stability, robustness, service in case of outagesAssess how well code…▷ read more


The container orchestration tool that is changing how to deploy and scale software in the cloud. Notes are living documents and will change over time 🌱…▷ read more

Rust Libraries

NetworkingReqwest is an ergonomic, batteries-included HTTP Client for Rust. Plain bodies, JSON, urlencoded, multipart, Customizable redirect policy, HTTP Proxies, HTTPS via system-native TLS (or optionally, rustls), Cookie Store, WASM. Rustls is a modern TLS l…▷ read more


Getting startedInstall via script # install curl https://sh.rustup.rs -aSf | sh source $HOME/.cargo/env export PATH="$HOME/.cargo/bin:$PATH" # check installation cargo -V rustc -V Create a template project via command cargo new --bin hello-world or cargo init…▷ read more


Basicsmove k h l j move between words words! _a_re words w words! are _w_ords e words! ar_e_ words b words_!_ are words B _w_ords! are words multipliers number + [h, j, k, l , w, e, b] 5h wor_d_s! are words…▷ read more

Remote work

Be effectiveremote first teams have expansive talent pools & add resiliency and flexibility to your organization – Assume everyone will be remote at some point.result-oriented groups, strive for results, deliverables regardless of time, mode or location of…▷ read more


Quick startnpx degit sveltejs/template my-svelte-project cd my-svelte-project npm installSvelte converts your app into ideal JavaScript at build time, rather than interpreting your application code at run time. This means you don't pay the performance cost of…▷ read more


Getting startedUse inventory and the target "example" to ping as root [example] ansible101.xyz ansible -i inventory example -m ping -u root Use ansible.cfg to set a default inventory [defaults] INVENTORY = inventory Log-in as root and check date, memory usage,…▷ read more


IntroductionAt it's core, Bitcoin represents the replacement of trust through institutions to trust through networks. >> Institutions are failing, because they represent systems of scale for industrial societies ... we are now a global information socie…▷ read more


BasicsPlaying with strings > "Jimmy".reverse => ymmiJ > "Jimmy".length => 5 > "Jimmy" * 5 => "JimmyJimmyJimmyJimmyJimmy" > 40.to_s.reverse => "04" Useful functionsstrings: to_sintegers: to_iarrays: to_aArrays > [12, 45, 12].m…▷ read more


IntroMongoDB is document oriented.MongoDB is schemaless.No joins, no transactions (scales horizontally)Unlike in a relational database, you are not constrained to follow any particular schema. Do any: Begin inserting documents with the new schema.Perform a bul…▷ read more

Content Marketing

From advanced guide to content marketing[1] Chapter 1: Build a strong foundation New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium Ben Grossman What is it? A Strategy Production and publishing of information Builds trust and authority between ideal c…▷ read more


Activate an environmentPre-install django in this env conda create -n tutorial django=1.8 activate tutorial mkdir tutorial cd tutorial Create requirements.txtAnd install via pip (if needed): touch requirements.txt django==1.8 > requirements.txt pip install…▷ read more

Career Planning

Some of my notes from Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) Guide to Career Planning Personal productivity Don't keep a schedule Work on whatever is more important or more interesting Want to spend all day coding? Do it! the best odds of maximizing flow Keep 3 lists To-…▷ read more


Quick start #!/usr/bin/env python print "Hello World" Listsa = [1,2,3,4,5,6] a[0:1] # first element a[2:4] # slice mid elements, second parameter is exclusive a[2:] # all elements after third element Is an element included in a listCheck if element is containe…▷ read more


BasicsReleased in 2001, data serialization language for humans, familiar to python, ruby, perl. Has scalars, lists, arrays, indentation, dashes, colons are data structures — used for config files and storing data Human centric, portable, matching data structur…▷ read more