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3 Lessons from the Daily Stoic

I took the daily stoic challenge this summer. It is a 10-day program developed by author Ryan Holiday that will encourage you to implement ideas from the stoics into your daily live. Here are few things I learned during the challenge, if you read this I still…▷ read more

CKA Tips

IntroductionThe Linux foundation provides quite a few certifications and some of the most looked after in 2020 are related to Kubernetes. To this date there are 3 of them: Certified Kubernetes Developer (CKAD)Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)Certified K…▷ read more

API Gateway & CORS

The problemSetting CORS while using AWS API Gateway can be a bit confusing as the Enable CORS option in the Action menu doesn't work out of the box. The confusion occurs during the pre-flight call that fail as it is. A solution to this issue is simply to…▷ read more

Tech radar

Interactive visualization of technologies and how they fit in past, present and future projects— based on the technology frontier radar by thoughtworks. It will be updated twice a year or so. For the best experienced go to https://cdvel.github.io/tech-radar…▷ read more

Run and Meditate

This is probably your situation too. I find very difficult to find enough time to take care of myself. Running and meditation have been for a long time some of the habits that I get most benefits from. Ideally, I like doing a 40 minutes seated meditation, but…▷ read more

Fundamentals ReactiveX

Event-driven architectures have been around for a while and lately its use has become popular in environments such as Node.js. One of the most expressive and graceful implementations of these ideas is ReactiveX. It was created from the idea of interfacing thre…▷ read more

Causality & Machine Learning

I consider this talk by Bernhard Schoelkopf at the Royal Society, London on causal relationships very interesting. He motivates the use of statistical methods for machine learning and then dives into the fascinating topic of causal modeling. One of the most ex…▷ read more

Prefer Myopic Feedback

This week, James Clear posted an interesting idea on How to effectively measure improvements. His main point was that it might be better approach to use short-term feedback to calibrate your actions and your probability of achieving your goals. Most people act…▷ read more

60 seconds to TDD

This quick tutorial presents a minimal setup with Python to start coding using TDD. It only requires two lightweight dependencies nose and when-changed available through pip . Install and run sudo pip install nose sudo pip install when-changed The following…▷ read more

Keeping a Journal

Journaling is very powerful tool to record your thoughts, events, ideas, people you meet, goals, quotes or basically anything that matters to you. It can help you grow in every aspect of your life. Powerful negative emotions are diminished by writing ... capt…▷ read more