César D. Velandia

Keeping a Journal

Journaling is very powerful tool to record your thoughts, events, ideas, people you meet, goals, quotes or basically anything that matters to you. It can help you grow in every aspect of your life.

Powerful negative emotions are diminished by writing ... capturing your excitement (by writing it) magnifies its power —Jim Rohn

Some reasons to start a journal are:

  • To effectively deal with any obstacle in any aspect of your life
  • To keep track of your goals
  • To jot down and develop ideas. Don't rely on your memory! 🔑
  • To stay motivated and focused

How to journal?

What kind of journal should you keep

Avoid digital journals 🚫💻. Blogging is different, the act of writing on pen and paper is not the same as using a keyboard. Your journal can be invaluable to write great blog posts!

Pick any kind that suits you! Try many and adjust accordingly.

Blank paper, ruled or squared? Leather bound, hardcover? Each might be the right fit at different points in your life.

Experiment with size, shape, system, etc. until you find something you're comfortable with.

Don't be cheap! Your journal will keep your precious ideas 💎

Make sure is something you can carry with you everywhere 🏃

What should you write?

Your problems

Writing your challenges 😮 is the first step towards solving them. Writing is action, and many of your problems aren't solved due to inaction. Writing for yourself is harmless and will definitely help you figure out how to solve your issue.

Your ideas

Keep your next great 💡 easy to find in one place, go over old ideas to generate new ideas. Review them periodically (weekly?) — Some of your greatest projects will happen due to the execution of many small ideas: An igloo is built out of snowflakes ❄️

Quotes, magazine clips, inspirational notes.

Anything that inspires you and keeps you going during the tough days 💪

Your goals, immediate and distant ones

Keep the eyes on the goal 🎣, remind yourself where you're going and what needs to be done to get where you want to be.

Action plans

Break down and keep track of the chores and tasks that need to get done ✅ Think strategically.

You daily routines

By noting down, events, people, meetings, feelings, you might be able to discover patterns 📈 (positive and negative) in your life and act upon them.

✏️📖 Write your problem helps to:

  • avoid pondering
    which creates more ❓❓❓

  • clarify🔦 exactly what is happening

  • and see things as they are, e.g., less daunting 👹

  • and to find ways to improve them 🔎

  • create space ✈️ between you and the problem

  • space gives room to grow 🌳 solutions

How often?

As often as you need, but make the habit of keeping the journal on you most of the times. Ideas and opportunities are fleeting. Keep any type of filing system that suits you.

🚨 Review the contents often (weekly, monthly and annually). Go through your journals and collect new insights as you review them.