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Spending most of my time in Asia as a software development professional. More recently, I'm working on a platform that automatically alerts your friends and relatives in case of an emergency. In addition, these are my priorities at the moment:

  • Learning as much as possible about AI, Blockchain, and VR through self-directed learning and experimenting with my own ideas β€” exciting times!

  • Covering a few courses on entrepreneurship, content marketing, and influencing as I'd like to improve in these areas. Use this blog and social media to share and create engaging content.

  • Reading at least 2 books a month, mostly on startups, self-improvement, tech and sometimes sci-fi. Also, consume inspiring and informative digital content only (posts, podcasts, infographics, videos). Check out my lists!

  • Working on maintaining and developing healthy life-long habits.

  • Spending quality time with my close familyπŸ’ƒ and traveling in their company whenever there is a chance. Also, be in constant touch with my not-so-close family and friends.

  • Attending network building and professional events. I'd like to engage with energetic, positive, and driven people from many different backgrounds.

  • Improving as a runner . I train every other day and started a more rigorous routine recently. Also, I'm planning to start quantifying my progress more consistently.

- Keep learning Mandarin πŸ€„ at my own pace.

πŸ’ͺ πŸš€ I'm currently available for consulting on Software Architecture, AI, and Distributed Applications projects.

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