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Hi, my name is CΓ©sar and you've come by my website β€”I'm a technologist and I like technology that works as intended and looks good. I enjoy building quality solutions to existing problems, mostly through software. My intention is to use this site to share some of my observations on topics such as technology, reads, culture, and life.

Lived in several countries across South America, Europe, and Asia. ⏩ MSc. in Computer Science, Distributed Systems and Event Processing Networks ⏩ Been doing computer science and technology for 15~ years ⏩ Did academic research (Assistant and PhD Candidate) in computer science related to machine learning applied to transportation, logistics, and real-time data processing. ⏩ I consider myself a tech generalist. ⏩ My daily work revolves around tech leadearship, but ocassionaly enjoy hardware projects and theoretic computer science.

Feel free to reach out✌ https://keybase.io/cesar


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