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I write about software development trends, interesting books and self-development.

Tech radar

Interactive visualization of technologies and how they fit in past, present and future projects— based on the technology frontier radar by thoughtworks. It will be updated twice a year or so.

Best experienced on desktop or go to https://cdvel.github.io/tech-radar

Last update: February 2020


I use this tech radar to keep tabs on technologies I currently use, are under consideration, find interesting or stopped using altogether


In this version, each quadrant represents one or more technology categories, rings represent how likely I am to use them on a project:

  1. Adopt Go-to technologies, most likely using at the moment
  2. Trial Learning or testing them out to fill in some need in a project/idea
  3. Assess Curious about learning it or tech that still useful but I'm using less often
  4. Hold Used it before but unlikely to use again or looking for a replacement.
  • ⚫️ No recent updates to this technology
  • 🔼 Upgraded— find this technology more interesting, thus putting more attention
  • 🔽 Downgraded— becoming less likely to use