César D. Velandia


Most likely using the handle @cdvel in your favorite social media platform


  • Twitter I rely heavily on private lists to get specific streams on topics that I care about. Also, use it often to curate news, comments, and relevant events
  • GitHub I'm actively pushing code that I write for didactical purposes but also curating projects.
  • Stack Overflow I help here whenever I can but rely on it to get me unstuck daily.
  • Instagram Kind of a guilty pleasure. I like to browse good UI/UX, office spaces 😅, good portraits, and thoughtful posts. Also running some experiments here 😶


  • Medium I curate articles and at some point will post original ones (once they figure out the publisher conditions) 😐
  • Hacker News I follow some special special events here, usually referred by other sites
  • Product Hunt Fun to use and to curate products with potential, do recommend 😸
  • Codepen Useful to test and collect frontend snippets
  • Glitch A nice idea, well executed. Fun and easy to use for small projects and general tinkering.
  • Keybase I think this project will become more important in the future
  • LinkedIn I direct people to it only when specifically asked


  • Quora I used to love the content here (still valuable for the QAs with industry leaders) but it is getting filled with poor quality content
  • Indie Hackers This is a fun community but I still haven't got the most of it
  • Reddit Moving away from this as it is starting to get old and messy.