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Container Security

3 min read
ChallengesTraditional tools aren't fit to secure containers (and kubernetes): too heavy handed such, e.g., EDR, vulnerability scanners, hostbased firewalls, network forensics, security analytics.Alternative dedicated lightweight tools are being used – and dahs…▷ read more

Posture Management

1 min read
Cloud security posture managementWhat is it?Cloud security posture management validates your configuration in cloud environments (usually public clouds), it includes but not limited to: Auditing and monitoring of cloud infrastructureReal-time threat activity m…▷ read more


6 min read
A holistic secure by design approach to DevOps pipeline aligned with People, Process, Tools Add Secure development practices from the beginning into the DevOps and Agile practices¹. Ensuring you have a secure delivery of objectives from beginning to end. Pract…▷ read more