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The James Altucher Show
By James Altucher
High caliber interviews, Tim Ferriss, Derek Sivers .... complementing his thought-provoking articles.

The Foundr Podcast
By Nathan Chan
Really natural and honest interviewing style, guests provide real experiences on how they grew their businesses.

Baby Got Booked
By Geeta Nadkarni
Authors, coaches, business owners and experts of every stripes who are serious about getting free press

Voices of VR
By Kent Bye
The best VR-related podcast in existence. It contains a wide range of topics, perspectives, and concepts explained with enough depth to spark your own curiosity and nudge you into learning more. Each episode has an excellent "takeaways" section with Kent's opinions.

The Ratchet
By Ryan Lawler
A tech people podcast diving into the background of their guests, their experiences, and lessons learned along their professional and personal journey


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