César D. Velandia


Looking for new engagements. If you have complex project and don't know where to start I can help!

I have been working on technology for most of my career and strongly believe in disposition, commitment, and trustworthiness as key elements of my professional career. If you have a project that requires any of these in and a person with ample experience I might be able to help. My key professional interests revolve around designing, building and optimizing SaaS, marketplaces, and other software to work seamlessly across mobile, web, and third-party environments. I have had clients from many backgrounds, and from single founder startups to sizable B2B/B2C customers. Here a short list of things I can help you with:

  • Flesh out your vision with more technical details based on your mockups
  • Assess and prepare a developer profile (job description) that will help you start hiring
  • Screen hires on technical skills, teamwork, and overall company fit
  • Advising on suitable software architecture & design considering your special requirements (e.g., cross border web, market-specific requirements)
  • Quality control of code produced by contractors during initial stages
  • Securing key software infrastructure to mitigate IP leaks and hacking
  • Help out with initial setup, automation infrastructure, chatOps, budgets, and development strategy
  • Interface between you, developers, and other stakeholders
  • Advice on technology strategy and/or methodology and progress tracking

If any of this sounds relevant to you, have a proposal or questions, please reach out! You may check our consulting company and see our latest projects.

I'm happy to take a video call or reply to an email and discuss it further. Talk to you soon!