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Hi, my name is CΓ©sar Velandia. Thank you for checking my little corner of the internet. πŸ™Œ Since I was a teenager I've been in love with technology, science, and the web. I have worked in the software industry since then, wearing many different hats: As a software engineer for large and small projects across the globe, as a computer scientist doing academic research and postgrad studies, and as a technologist by keeping up with latest developments, spotting trends, and advising clients.

I also have a interest on how technology shapes culture and daily life in general. I believe that software is not only eating the world, but also is changing humanity!

If you want to now what keeps me busy at the moment, please check my 'Now page'

Feel free to reach out on social networks my preferred handle is @cdvel

Some other interesting things about me:

  • Lived in 6 different countries and counting!
  • Can speak basic Mandarin and Korean
  • I got a CS MSc and worked on a PhD for a few years (before exiting)
  • Take nature walks + tech sabbaths often
  • I consider myself a tech generalist and often a contrarian.
  • I deeply enjoy work that involves leadership, deep thinking, and helping others
  • Ocassionaly work on hardware projects and theoretic computer science